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Born in 1994, Maurice (Songyuan) Liu is a composer guitarist from China. As a kid, he was always reading, writing, drawing, and quietly observing. He learned how to read sheet music with a piano when he was three, by chance. He started learning how to play the guitar when he was 16, although fell in love with it much later, after he decided to gave up pursuing a degree in fine arts.
In 2020, he graduated from New England Conservatory of music with honors and completed his Master’s Degree and Graduate Diploma in guitar performance with Eliot Fisk, who is the last direct pupil of the late Andrés Segovia. Liu has previously studied with Guillem Pérez-Quer, who shaped his style of playing greatly.
With a passion for video game music, Liu transcribe, arrange, and compose a variety of music for the classical guitar and has been performing on YouTube since October, 2021. He has recorded and published various collections of his arrangements, including compositions from accomplished Japanese composers like Masayoshi Soken, Nobuo Uematsu, Koichi Sugiyama, Yasunori Nishiki, and many others.
I'm also a..

➭ digital artist & content creator

➭event coordinator
at Boston GuitarFest

➭ gamer

➭ home-gym goer

A photo of me and Eliot Fisk.
with Eliot Fisk, 2023
A photo of my Dragon Quest guitar collection 1+2 CD.
first CD release, 2023